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We have found many traders have solid strategies but fail to profit because they are using the wrong broker.  They underestimate the trading fees and hidden costs that brokers charge, or they miss their trade due to systems that are hard to use or have slow trade execution.  These issues can have a significant impact on your trading account that can’t be recouped even by skilled traders let alone developing traders.

In our professional careers, we have used and tested many trading platforms across the globe.  As professional traders, we are not looking for fancy charts with thousands of indicators, or platforms with news and updates.  We want effective charting, fast execution, an intuitive platform for managing trades and above all, the best value to keep our trading costs to the absolute minimum.

Our key criteria in recommending a broker:

We recommend as our preferred broker with the lowest fees while retaining high leverage, not available with most more high-profile brokers.

They also have a great Demo account that is free to try so you can test out the platform before you sign up.


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