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JumpStart Your Trading

Jumpstart Your Trading is an in-depth online course designed to empower those who want to take control of their trading and shape their future.

Jumpstart Your Trading is EliteTradeSkills’ flagship course, designed to take you from zero trading knowledge to a personalised blueprint for starting, growing and managing a successful trading business.

Using in-depth video tutorials, interactive quizzes and risk free trading exercises on a real-life trading platform, you will build knowledge and develop systems and tools so you can:

  • Evaluate market conditions,
  • Find high reward to risk trading opportunities,
  • Develop and implement a sound trading plan,
  • Minimise risk and maximise profit through tried and tested trade management techniques, and
  • Become confident in your trade analysis and decision making.

The course consists of 8 units (approximately 4 weeks of content) and can be taken at your own pace, in your own time.

We take you step by step through the oftentimes complex world of trading. Tapping in to our years of experience will significantly reduce your learning curve and free you from trial and error.

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Course Curriculum

  • Unit 1: The Business of Trading

  • Unit 2: Four Critical Concepts for Success

  • Unit 3: Reading Price Action Using Candlestick charting

  • Unit 4: Market Structure Analysis

  • Unit 5: Premium Trade Zones

  • Unit 6: Defining Risk

  • Unit 7: Effective Trade Management

  • Unit 8: Defining Your Trading Edge

  • Bonus: Trade Analysis Spreadsheet