Your Successful Trading Formula

Trading Strategies – Trading Costs = Your Trading Profit

We bring you an extensive range of videos to help improve your trading results.
And we have researched brokers across the globe to show you where to get the best deal to reduce your trading costs.

Who is behind Elite Trade Skills?

Davin Clarke

Davin Clarke is a field-tested high-value trader with over 15 years of trade experience across multiple disciplines.

Davin is active intra-day, with extensive experience trading both equities and futures markets worldwide.

In 2005-2007, Davin’s equities trading turnover averaged AUD$ 300 million pa.

Since 2008, Davin has specialized in trading on the futures and derivatives markets in Asia, the US and Europe.

His training, insight, consultancy and industry perspective is regularly sought by traders around the world.

In 2014/15 Davin held workshops with two major tier 1 banks in Australia, Westpac and Commonwealth bank to present to their high value traders on successful strategies he developed for price action trading.

Davin authored the trading books; “Options made Simple” and “Trading Plans made Simple”, published by Wrightbooks.

Braden Gardiner

Braden started his journey in the trading industry as a Broker in 2002 following in his father’s footsteps trading primarily in Futures Options and Indexes.

Since then he has built up close to 20 years’ experience in the Financial Markets as a broker and then trader.

Over this time he has gained an extensive knowledge of a wide range of securities and derivatives including equities, futures, CFD’s, options and currencies.

Since 2015, Braden has worked closely with Davin Clarke at and to develop an innovative service for individuals who invest in the markets.

At TradeSetup Braden utilises refined price action analysis skills and experience to provide live trade alerts that have generated model returns of over 225% return since the 2015 inception.

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Your Successful Trading Formula

Trading Strategies – Trading Costs = Your Trading Profit

It is as easy as that! 

1. Learn from professional traders

2. Keep your trading costs low

3. Maximise your trading profits.

Step #1 – Successful Trading Strategies

Learn from professional traders how to read the market and apply successful trading strategies that will allow you to consistently profit over the long term.

Our professional traders will show you everything you need to be successful.  No theories or complicated “secret indicators”.

Just practical advice on our trading strategies, trade management and managing risk so you can profit over the long term.

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Step #2 – Low Trading Costs

There are two costs to your trading:

Brokerage Costs and Capital

Understanding the costs of your trading and learning to minimise them will ensure those costs are added to your account and not your brokers.

Make the most of your capital by understanding leverage and how it can greatly increase your returns if you know how to manage the risk.

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Step #3 – Maximise your Profits

Maximise your profits by learning from the professionals

Our professional traders will share with you the skills and strategies you need to become a successful trader.  All for FREE.

Choosing the right broker will enable you to maximise your capital through leverage and minimise your trading costs.  We have researched brokers across the globe to find the best deal for you.

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Lowest fees, High Leverage and Great Functionality

We have found many traders have solid strategies but fail to profit because they underestimate the trading fees and hidden costs that brokers charge. This adds up to many thousands in extra charges over a trading year that cannot be recouped even by skilled traders let alone developing traders.

As professional traders we have used and tested many trading platforms across the globe.  We’ve done the hard work and evaluating over a hundred brokers to find the lowest fees, best leverage and great platforms.

We recommend as our preferred broker with the lowest fees while retaining high leverage, not available with most more high-profile brokers.

Key Focus Points

While our services are free for you, they are not free to produce.

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